Wednesday, July 23, 2008

blogariddims 45 / a mashed up mix

this is made with material i prepared for Fusion Festival, and is also an attempt to communicate new conceptions of hybridity by fusing sounds from disparate locations and eras into cohesive new musical entities, with focus on traditional and regional music framed by urban bass and beats, or is it the other way around?

01_00:00 Deadbeat - Lost Luggage // Indonesia - Spring Water
02_03:20 itoa - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Dub Band D1 // Indonesia - Morning Sun
03_05:50 The Mahotella Queens - Muntu Wesilisa // Wiley - Bang Bang Instrumental
04_08:12 African Headcharge - Belinda // Blir - 19_4_04
05_09:28 IndonesiaTraditional - Sanda Kandung // Unknown Grime instrumental
06_11:24 Benga - Half Ounce // [Burundi: Music from the Heart of Africa] bernadette ii
07_14:52 Indonesia Traditional - Ngantosan // Mark One - Slang
08_17:28 Danny Weed - Dirty Den // Huseyin Ali Riza Albayrak - Ey Zahid
09_19:02 Ragga Twins - Spliffhead
10_20:35 Burial - Unite
11_22:14 Dub Terror [ft. Echo Ranks] - Technology
12_25:07 Hiripsime - ces femmes qui me ressemblent // Cyrus - Random Trio - Bounty
13_28:33 African Headcharge - Run Come Saw // DQ1 - Wear The Crown
14_32:00 Indonesia Traditional - Padang Magek // Omen - Rebellion
15_35:05 L-Wiz - Sub // Armenia Traditional - Boulbouli Hid (Le Chant du Rossignol)
16_38:54 Vex'd - Destruction // from 2046 soundtrack
17_40:05 Hijak - Nightmares // ø - Toisaalia
18_41:54 Shackleton - Blood On My Hands / I Want to Eat You // Dashti - Abdoinaghi Afsharnia
19_47:54 Kode 9 - Magnetic City // Akhenation - 361 Degrees
20_50:24 Mulatu Astatge - Kulunmanqueleshi // Dj Hatcha - Just a Rift
21_52:53 Loka - Fire Shepherds - Freda Mae // Dubwoofa - Devoliz
22_56:00 The Mahotella Queens - Ndodana Yolahleko // Skream - Skunkstep

Mashups: a cheap one liner trend collapsing all narratives into a heap of meaningless garish post modern rubbish, or a new way of interacting with cultures, of thinking about the world, of experiencing and creating music? i've always been excited, if not by most of what i have heard, by what i imagined was possible.

and what i imagined was Digital Gamelan, Ethiopian Grime, Afro-Arabian Dubstep -- sounds from far away and/or long ago fused in ways that are both surprising but also intuitive... i wanted to make a particular kind of mashup, producing results that people would want to listen to, maybe over and over. is it possible to make the fusion, the bastard frankenstein assemblage, sound better than the original sources? a tall order for sure, especially when the original sources sometimes are master musicians, but one that i nonetheless hope to have achieved in some of the mashups included in this mix. judge for yourself -- admittedly a little difficult since you can not hear the originals next to them -- so i suppose just go by how well the hybrids work...

i am always hearing the same beat patterns, the same compositional devices, the same dynamics, the same arrangements, in music made both spatially and temporally far apart from eachother: i think ultimately i absolutely believe that the traditional non western music are the roots of modern music, and indirectly perhaps, but absolutely, deeply connected to the most current forms dance music evolution is taking. (this has to do with the "Afro Asiatic Roots of Classical CIvilization" but that's a HUGE topic for another day).

enough BS, please to enjoy:



this part 1 is the relatively listening set, stay tuned for Part 2, which will be strictly for bouncing off walls.


Jmac5000 said...

Loving on this mix. First I've heard since you dropped Roadkill on me, too many years ago.

Anonymous said...

God, I love this mix - especially the part from 14:52 is pure genius. Can't wait for pt 2!

zhao said...

thank you...

Matt said...

Great mix, cheers zhao.