Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NGOMA MIX VOL. 1 - dj zhao

01 Ethiopia/USA: Bole 2 Harlem - Africa Ye
02 Tanzania: prof jay/ferooz - nikusaidiaje
03 Uganda: peter miles/menshan - one time
04 Tanzania: mangwea - mikasi
05 Tanzania: Sista P. - Anakuja
06 Tanzania: Prof. Jay/Juma Nature/Muny - Zali la mentali
07 Angola: Manya - Sera
08 Angola: Rei Helder - Mariquinha
09 India: Akheer - Juggy D
10 India: Tigerstyle/Sarbjeet Kaur - Fasda Hi Nehi
11 Mexico: Lila Downs - La Cumbia Del Mole
12 Columbia/Puerto Rico [MASHUP]: DJ Stuart - Dante vs Calle 13 - En la Cumbia
13 Columbia/Puerto Rico [MASHUP]: Selena vs. Loony Tunes - Baila Esta Cumbia
14 Puerto Rico: Calle 13 - Ojalai
15 Jamaica: Cham - What You Think
16 Jamaica: Christopher - Shake It Shake It
17 Jamaica: Tanya Stephens - Please Me
18 Algeria/Lebanon [MASHUP]: Cheb Mami/Lix - Sabran (Ya Ghali) vs. Nancy Ajram - ya si el sayed (featuring dj crow)
19 Morocco: Sophia AlMarikh - Kelmet Hobb
20 Yugoslavia/Serbia: Sanja & Balkanika - Kermes
21 Serbia/Czech/Bosnia/etc: Deladap w.Gipsy CZ - So Shunes
22 Kenya: gidigidimajimaji - atoti pt. 2
23 S.Africa: Mapaputsi - Kleva
24 S.Africa: Mandoza - Umunt'omnyama
25 S.Africa: Kb — El Musica
26 Tanzania: K-Lynn/Squeezer - Acha Vituko
27 Nigeria: JJC & 419 Squad/T.I.D. - Demu Gani
28 S.Africa: Marvellous Mavusana - Wafika
29 Tanzania: unknown artist (taraab?)
30 S.Africa: Prankster - Sucked 'n Krushed
31 S.Africa/Indonesia [MASHUP]: Emile YX - Who Am I VS. Sacred Healing Waters
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dame13 said...

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful mix with us. I really love it.
I hope there will be many more.

Any chances of you guys coming to Montreal ? lol
Your parties look fun.

zhao said...

you are very welcome dame13, and can rest assured that there will be many more volumes :)

i/we would love to come to montreal. (i lived in N.America for a long time but never visited canada for some stupid reason) if you book me, pay for travel expenses and maybe basic lodging, i would play for free :)

Moi said...

Thanks for the great mix zhao!

The guys around Montreal can come tonight to this special listening party of Ngoma!

dweller said...

gonna chec it out yo, cheers

Jose said...

Loving the mix!!!

Amanda said...

This mix is fantastic; I can't wait for the next one. Accidentally listened to it for a while in reverse order (downloaded and then burned quickly to a c.d. so that I could listen at work)...great in reverse, too! Yes yes please come (again?) to Montreal!

Anonymous said...

Hiya. just heard you re Blogariddim mix & was well impressed. So I grabbed the NGoma mix too...but no matter which link I grab, there s only 18 of the 30 tracks listed in the tracklist in there...I would love to have the full thing. if you have a tip where to get it from drop me a line at cheerio.