Wednesday, February 27, 2008


thanks to everyone who came out to this wicked party at the lovely club Lovelite. i played harder and colder than usual, missing some of the soul-fire of past events... and in hindsight, Bhangra and Rai and other Asian sounds took a definite backseat to Funk Carioca, SA Techno, and some Detroit nastiness. guess it was an experiment in terms of heavy, more mechanzied bass music. Lateef brought the mad flavors as usual, maybe better than usual, with blistering sets of crazy beautiful afrocentric grooves. as someone told us the venue really cared about the music and showed a lot of love. besides making posters for us, at 6AM there were not many people left and the owner comes up to the dj booth -- i was prepared to say "ok you are right, it's time to stop" but instead he asks me "do you want a drink"? that's the kind of love that you don't see much anymore these days! respect.

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