Sunday, June 28, 2009

NGOMA soundsystem / Fusion Festival

DJ Zhao - laptop //// El Congo -trumpet //// Robby Geerken - Percussion

hyper-modern global sonics meets ancestral lineage: psychedelia, abstract sound, ancient world-wide tradition and contemporary electronic bass for your freaky dancing needs.

a good first live set together even if we only ended up doing 2+ hours because of schedule push back... played lots of new material, rumba breaks, voodoo techno, broken afro-beat. Robby banged on the drums fierce and intricate, Congo was just flying with the trumpet and effects. too bad we couldn't record off the main board but video will be edited soon.

always great to work with fusion people, well organized, and full of good cheer. see you all in one year's time :D


Anonymous said...

Too bad, missed you at the Fusion. Even checked the artist list for Ngoma, missed you on the timetable though :(

So, will you make this year's mix available for download again? Thanks!

zhao said...

sorry to hear that! we were on friday afternoon 1 - 4... FUSION 2 coming soon though :)