Tuesday, September 1, 2009

INCUBATE Sept. 19-20

Incubate Festival (formerly known as ZXZW, blog here) in Tilburg, Netherlands is coming up in September. on the 19th, as part of Generation Bass, i will do a solo set of all new material, heavy on the South East Asian and Middle Eastern flavors -- all the more abstract, emotional and "difficult" pieces which are too challenging and not suited for normal dance floors will get a chance to shine. on the 20th, as part of Car Free Sunday, i will be supporting dj for the legendary Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou (whose music you know from the Psychedelic Sound of West Africa (will re-up) and African Scream Contest compilations) -- expect appropriate Afro Funk both old and new.

the lineup looks fantastic, of particular interest to readers of this blog might be: James Blackshaw, Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound) & Tikiman, Shackleton, Cooly G, Sensational and Spectre the Ill Saint from Word Sound -- and probably 2 dozens more i am not familiar with -- i hope to see some of you there. thanks to Vince the Prince for making this possible, check his great and often updated Generation Bass Blog for some of the coolest boom boom around the world.

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